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BIM Kemi news


Our newly assigned TPR says, “Caring, not killing”

Our Bimogard concept (BIM Kemi’s non toxic microorganism control concept) is one of many “green solutions” we offer our customers in…

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BIM Kemi promotes science once again!

BIM Kemi has a proud tradition of cooperation with the scientific community. This is proven once again as we welcome Yannick Spruijt from…

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Customer visit

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming representatives from Mondi Group to our headquarters in Stenkullen for 2 days of technology workshop…

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Proudly presenting BIM Sustainability report 2022

Your mission, Our challenge! A statement that I proudly can say BIM Kemi has committed to and taken on headstrong during…

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Design for Circularity: Lignucellolosic based Thermoplastics -FibRe

BIM is a proud partner of the competence centre FibRe, with the purpose and goal to enable the transition from fossil-…

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BIM R&RA – BIM Repulpability and Recyclability Assessment

Proud to be able to offer our customers yet another in-house developed method to fulfil sustainability requirements in validating the green…

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Barrier coatings as green chemicals for a sustainable future in the paper industry

The rising awareness of environmental issues puts new demands on the paper and pulp industry. But the switch to more sustainable…

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Everything is based on long-term thinking and a strong family vision

One of many advantages of being a part of a family-owned business. We have the commitment and trust of the owners…

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Pulp production is an enabler of a sustainable future, but can they do it on their own?

Changing global market conditions require pulp producers to manufacture pulp of a higher quality while lowering overall operating costs. Specialty chemicals…

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35 years at BIM Sweden

Competent and knowledgeable process operators who know our products and production are essential for keeping our promise to deliver high-quality products…

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